Refund policy

Below you will find our refund policy found on our forums, however, since they have been taken down, we created a second page for clarity. While refunds are designed for allowing users unable or unwilling, either or, to get the product working, we issued refunds if brought to our attention within the first 48 hours.

We will extend the policy to users simply wanting a refund who purchased the product within 48 hours of us taking the site offline, and waiving the requirement to have alerted us in that timeframe. Please contact us at with your username and purchase, and we will verify it meets the refund guidelines and issue it if it does.


Refunds (if you can't get the product working)

  • Let us know within the first 48 hours that you would like a refund. (Send us a private message on Discord or this forum).

  • You may continue trying to get the product working. We will work with you on the problem and can give a refund if we cannot get it working.

Refunds for third-party plugins

  • Third-party plugins for WowAdvanced may or may not do refunds for their products. You will need to contact them directly about their policy.